Many of you are reaching out to ask us to confirm we are reopening on May 18th per the updated reopening guidelines.

We are happy to announce that we will be reopening on May 18th, but our operations will be much different than the past. Please note that Cheer/Gymnastic Team Kids will receive additional information about thier new season soon.

PLEASE READ the important information below.








Safe Environment





Guiding All 4

As we have struggled to determine the best way forward, we are reminded that using our core values to guide us is more important than ever.

Hard Work - We are all going to have to work hard to be open to change and adjust to new ways of doing things.

Communication - We will be communicating each step to the best of our ability - there will be many challenges as our world is changing quickly and we will likely have to make adjustments. We plan to adapt as information changes daily to offer the best program.

Responsibility - it is critical we are all responsible in how we conduct ourselves - our collective safety and ability to enjoy all the amazing things All 4 brings to our lives depends on it.

Support - through mutual support of families, athletes and staff, we know we can successfully navigate the world we find ourselves in today.

Keeping the environment safe for all

We have already executed intensive cleaning of the gym (including professional steam cleaning) and every surface disinfected with the CDC Bleach/Water ratio. While we think that is a bare minimum expectation you should have of your gym, we didn't feel this was enough.

After weeks of research, we have found a Disinfectant and Anti-Microbial treatment that has been in use in Hospitals, Food Service, and Arenas around the country. It is cost prohibitive for a lot of businesses, but we felt adamant that we had to take on this additional expense for the safety of our staff and kids until further notice.

This process is a two part application. First we are disinfecting with mPerial™ but more importantly, we are applying applying mPale™ Anti-Microbial treatment (EPA 83129-1) with the AEGIS Technology, which forms a network of molecular "swords" protecting the surfaces and fighting against microbes, which continues to kill virus for a minimum of 30 days.

mPale™ is unable to be detected by human touch but is highly effective against virtually all viruses, including CODIV-19, H1N1, influenza, MRSA/staph, molds and most bacteria. Once it is sprayed on, it bonds to the surface and retains its effectiveness for a minimum of 30 days. More information is available at

Directions on who can enter the gym

  • Only authorized Athletes & Staff will be permitted inside the gym.
  • Parent can view through windows if desired.
  • When you arrive, parents should bring athletes to the front door and stand on empty dot on sidewalk. Please wait for a staff member to bring ahtlete into the building.
  • Health survey will confirm no fever and no contact with anyone with a fever in the last 14 days.
  • Athletes who are old enough to follow guidelines will be the first group we have back in.
  • We will not resume monthly billing (until further notice), this will only be available to those who feel comfortable to sign up for a specific class, who are pre-screened, coach approved, and space must be available (first come/first serve).
  • Staff will not be able to enter the gym unless they are working that day and have been screened.

How we will ensure our athletes and staff are protected

  • Do not bring any personal belongings to the gym, not even cell phones. Cubbies will not be provided.
  • Athletes may bring a bottle of water with them (clearly labeled with name) to keep with them at all times. No access will be allowed to water fountains.
  • Athletes will be provided with hand sanitizer before entering the floor.
  • Athletes may wear masks, but they are not required, as we will maintain a minimum of 6 foot distance (much more distance will be kept).
  • There will be no spotting until further notice, all athletes must be able to take and apply verbal corrections.

How we will provide awesome training

  • We are not reopening your old class (that will occur later).
  • All classes in May will be first come/first serve by enrolling and paying online. No refunds.
  • Each session will be 60 minutes.
  • There will be no spotting.
  • All training will be via drills, and performing skills and taking verbal corrections.
  • All classes will be $25 each, you can use your available March Credits to pay.
  • All classes will be limited to 5 kids max.
  • The state said we can operate at 25% capacity, but we are holding to 10% capacity to give every kid plenty of space far away from other kids.

Moving Forward Together

  • This is a fluid situation and we will be adapting our policies daily. We will keep this document updated and available on our website.
  • We are expanding class options and moving to monthly enrollment in June.
  • Please monitor emails and our social media to keep up to date on how we will move forward.

We feel confident that we are taking every possible measure to reopen and at far more stringent guidelines than legally required. We will do our absolute best to get our kids safely back in the gym, and doing the activities to keep their minds and bodies healthy!

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