Intro to Cheer 10+

Intro to Cheer 10+ is a great way for someone new to cheer to explore all the cheer offers and gain all the basic skills needed to move into either school cheer or Allstar cheer.

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Intro to Cheer 10+

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This class will teach all the skills it takes to be a real cheerleader - Tumbling (handstand, cartwheel, roundoff), Jumps, Motions, and Stunting (to prep level). Master the skills in this class and try out for school cheer or Allstar team.                                                                    


No previous cheer experience required.


  • $99/month (25% off for each add'l class)
  • Siblings receive automatic $10 discount
  • No long term commitment required
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee


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