Daytime Classes

All 4 Daytime Classes Run from 9 am to 3:30 pm and are a great way to learn new skills while burning off energy in a safe and fun environment!

All 4 Home School PE is the best way for kids 4-12 to have fun learning an amazing variety of skills. Our coaches will draw on our expertise in multiple areas to make each class an exciting and fun full body workout that will build strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Tumble, jump, lift, run and bounce - kids will have the opportunity to do it all and a safe environment with plenty of room to spread out.

If Ninja is your thing for ages 5+ we offer a daytime class just for Ninjas at our Frisco location! Head over to the Frisco Daytime Classes to check it out.

Parent Tot classes feature instructor lead age appropriate games and stations that will teach coordination, balance, and other gymnastics skills. There will also be free time to explore the gym and work on skills individually. Ages walking to 3 years. Drop in for just $15 per class.

Independent skill classes for ages 3-5

Tiny/Mighty Tykes Gymnastics - These classes for ages 3-5 build a strong motor skill foundation. Children learn basic gymnastics on all events in addition to obstacle courses and tumbling. Many weeks are themed using obstacle courses,play shapes,gymnastics apparatus,and music making the classes so much fun! 

Little Ninja - Ninja class for ages 3-5 will teach age appropriate balance, strength, coordination through obstacle courses, tumbling and trampoline skills.


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