At All 4 motor skills, strength and balance, coordination and flexibility are at the core of everything we teach. Combine these basics with a healthy dose of tumbling, trampoline, and obstacle course skills and you have a skill set that is not only tons of fun on its own, but transfers to other sport as well. Our Ninja program and Boys Agility all work to improve student’s skills and abilities in each of these areas in a fun and challenging way.


Class Name
Age Group
Age Group : 4 - 5
Description :

Ninja class for ages 4-5 will teach age appropriate balance, strength, coordination through obstacle courses, tumbling and trampoline skills.

Requirements :
Age Group : 6 - 12
Description :

Ninja class for ages 6-12 teaches balance, strength and coordination through obstacle courses, tumbling and trampoline skills.

Requirements :
Age Group : 6+
Description :

Advanced Ninja Classes are for those who have mastered the skills taught in the Beginning Ninja Classes and are ready to take on new Ninja challenges.

Requirements :


This summer while hiking by a waterfall in Alaska, my 8 year old son, Jake, slipped and slid down the first 5-6 feet of a 20 foot waterfall. At the last second he flipped around and grabbed onto a tree branch. As he hung by one arm, luckily, a guide was able to jump down and pull him back up to safety, avoiding a fall to the rocky pool below. Afterwards, I told him how impressed I was that he was able to flip around and hold on. He said, "That's because of what I learned in my Ninja class at All 4!"

Holly D

There are so many reasons why we have been with All 4 for 4 years. Not only have our boys gained mad tumbling & ninja skills, but, the confidence and agility they are gaining will have lifelong benefits. We attribute this all to the amazing All4 coaches, entire staff, and the excellent programs they are teaching. All 4 is like family; they look out for one another and treat my kids as if they were their own.

Ann M

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