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  • We offer:
  • Tiny Tykes/Tumblers (3-4 years)
  • Mighty Tykes/Tumblers (4-5 years)
  • Mighty Tykes Cheer (3-5 years)
  • Little Ninja (4-5 years
  • Into to Cheer (6-10 years)
  • Beginning Gymnastics/Tumbling/Ninja (6 years +)
  • Intermediate Gymnastics/Tumbling (6 years +)
  • Advanced Gymnastics/Tumbling/Ninja (6 years +)
  • Elite Tumbling (6 years +)
  • Specialty Tumbling (6 years +)
  • School Cheer (10 years +)

Refer back to our class pages to read more.

Please visit our homepage to see our minimum requirements for each level. If you are still unsure, you can schedule a placement evaluation.

Almost all children will begin at the beginner level if they are new to gymnastics, tumbling, ninja, or cheer. However, our mission at All 4 Athletics is to provide the best to every child at their level. If your child has had previous gymnastics or tumbling experience you may schedule a free level placement that will take about 15 minutes to help determine the class that is the best fit.

The evaluator will take the child around to the different apparatus in the gym and have the child perform any pertinent skills that they can safely execute on their own.

Athletes that feel they are ready to move up to the next level class or wanting individualized feedback on what skills they need to master in order to advance, may attend an Evaluation Session. These sessions are held several Saturdays a month from noon until 2:00 – check the Event Calendar for dates. Demonstrate the needed skills to move up and receive a ribbon, certificate, and picture on social media!

Boys or girls may wear t-shirts and shorts or any athletic clothing. Hair should be pulled neatly and securely away from the face so that it stays up for the entire workout. Girls should not wear bows or other large hair ornaments that may cause discomfort during activity. All students should be barefoot while in class. No chewing gum or jewelry are allowed. Personal items should be left in cubby holes. Make sure your child’s personal items are marked with their name.

Attending your scheduled class is critically important to their success and will give your athlete the best results. Please make an effort to attend every class.

  • Makeups are offered as a courtesy, not an obligation, as we pay our staff whether you show or not.  
  • Athletes must be currently enrolled to receive a makeup.
  • We offer 1 make up per month.
  • That makeup is only valid within 21 days of the absence.
  • Makeups must be scheduled online in our parent portal.
  • Holiday and Weather closures do not receive makeups. 
  • Monthly tuition is based on an annual average of 4 classes per month.  Some months have 5 lessons, some have 4, some have 3. 

Yes we do. You may enroll your child at any time throughout the year. You pay for class each month. We do not have sessions or semesters.

Absolutely! Each additional class is 25% off.

Your child must be 5 years or older to attend either Parents’ Night Out or Open Gym. The maximum age to attend is 18 years old.

Yes. Private lessons are available. Click here to visit our Private Page with all the information.

Enrollment, Trial Classes and Drops

We ask all parents to create a member account on our parent portal.You will be required to sign our online waiver prior to attending any All 4 classes and events.

  1. Create an account online.
  2. From the All 4 Frisco or All 4 Prosper home screen, you will click on “Create an Account.”
  3. You will then be redirected to the parent portal where you will create your account.
  4. Enter in all of your family information.
  5. Click “Add a Student” and enter in the information for each child.
  6. When you get to the student information, search for the class you want your child to enroll in using our ‘Select Class’ tool. Everyone new to tumbling, cheer, gymnastics, and ninja usually starts in the beginning level, depending on the program. However, if you need assistance determining the proper class for your child, please contact info@all4gymtexas.com, or your All 4 location. We will be happy to schedule a free placement evaluation for any child with prior gymnastics or tumbling experience.
  7. Once you have selected the class, finish up the registration form, making sure you read all of our policies. Once you are done, click “Submit Registration”.

No, you may login to your account using the original email you used to create your account. From the home screen, click Parent Login. You will be redirected to the parent portal. Enter your email address and password. If you are unsure of your email address or password, please contact your All 4 location and an office staff will assist you. You may also email info@all4gymtexas.com if you are having problems logging in to your parent portal once you have tried resetting your password. Please specify your location.

We guarantee that new customers who enroll in a monthly class will be satisfied with their experience, or we will provide a full refund of their registration fee and tuition. To request a refund, fill out the drop form within 48 hours of the first class. 

You’ll need to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your child’s class. You will need to check in at the front desk, where your child will receive a New Student pass to give to their coach. Then, they will direct you on where to go from there. Socks, shoes and other belongings can be stored in the cubbies.

Unfortunately, we cannot hold your spot. You will need to complete the online “Drop Form”. When you are ready to re-enroll, you can do this the day you want to return. You will have to repay your enrollment fee when you return.

To drop any class, members must provide 14 days notice via the online form found at login for Parent Portal or by clicking here. Drops are not accepted verbally or via email.

We guarantee that new customers who enroll in a monthly class will be satisfied with their experience, or we will provide a full refund of their registration fee and tuition. To request a refund, simply visit our front desk immediately after your first class or send us an email within 24 hours of attending the class at info@all4prosper.com.

To drop any class, members must provide 14 days notice via the online form found at login for Parent Portal or by clicking here. Drops are not accepted verbally or via email.


Yes, there is a $30 registration fee (upon each enrollment) required for monthly class enrollment. Parties, Open Gyms, Parents’ Night Outs and camps do not require a registration fee.

Monthly tuition is due by the 1st of the month. Tuition is posted on the 25th of the current month for the following month (i.e., Tuition for June will be posted on May 25th). We do this so that you can log in to your parent portal and submit payment ahead of the 1st of the month.

All 4 allows for three types of Payment Schedules that you can choose from.

    • We run your card on file on the 1st.
    • You have a card on file, but you can log in any time before the 1st and use any method of payment, or you may pay in person.
    • We will run your card on file on the 1st for any remaining balance.
    • Subject to additional $5 charge per month. Athletes with a balance are subject to being dropped from classes when account is not current.

All students with an unpaid balance as of the 5th will be dropped from the class roll, and another student may fill the spot in the class. A $20 late fee will be applied to your account in order to be placed back in class. A $25 fee is charged on all returned checks. *Autopay customers with a declined payment are subject to a late fee if not corrected by the 5th.

Yes, you will only be charged for the weeks that you will attend for the remainder of the month.

Yes. A $10 sibling discount will be applied for each additional child per month.

No. All 4 Athletics provide an average of four lessons per month over a 12-month period. Most months have four lessons, while some months have five lessons. Most children actually receive 50 lessons per year if they attend every week!

All 4 Athletics has open enrollment year-round for all classes. Each class is charged at a flat monthly fee. The fee reserves the student’s place in the class whether attending or not. Therefore, there are no refunds for classes missed including scheduled holidays. However, you can do a makeup class for that missed class.

All retail items must be paid for in order to be pulled from the retail area. We will not hold an item without payment.

Pricing is per month for 1 class per week. Pricing is the same throughout the year for months with more than 4 weeks/classes and make ups are not issued for classes missed due to holiday closures. Tuition statements are sent out at the end of the month and auto drafts take place on the first of the month. 

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