Independent Class - Tiny Tykes 

Tiny Tykes is a great introduction to the gym for kids that are potty trained to age 4 - just $55 per month. They will learn forward rolls, handstands, swing on bars, walk on balance beams and jump on trampoline. Everyone will get plenty individual attention with just 5 kids per coach. 

Once they master these basic skills they can move up to our Mighty Tykes classes where they  move on to more advanced and focused skills. 

Our Mighty Level Classes are Independent Classes are for ages 4-5 or kids that have graduated from Tiny Tykes. All these classes provide a strong motor skill foundation and allow the chilld to focus on an area they are especially interested in. 

Mighty Tykes Gymnastics

Children learn basic gymnastics on all events in addition to obstacle courses and tumbling. Many weeks are themed using obstacle courses,play shapes,gymnastics apparatus,and music making the classes so much fun! These classes are 45 minutes and $70 per month.

Mighty Tykes Cheer

This class will expose potential cheerleaders ages 4-5 to all the skills and fun that make up cheerleading. In addition to learning sideline cheers, motion skills, jump skills, body control and tumbling skills will be introduced in age appropriate and fun ways. These classes are 45 minutes and $70 per month.

Mighty Tumblers

This class will teach our youngest tumblers - ages 4-5 - skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels and handstands that will provide the skills and body control to build a foundation for basic skill in tumbling. These classes are 45 minutes and $70 per month.

Little Ninja

Head over to the Ninja page to learn all about Little Ninja and register.


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