So, your child is interested in gymnastics?


So, your child is interested in gymnastics?

November 07, 2020

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Maybe your potential gymnast watched the Olympics and dreams of swinging on the bars, flipping off the vault, or walking gracefully on the beam. It could be you are looking for a great way to help them learn motor skills, strength and balance, coordination and flexibility. (Did we mention no sitting on hot outdoor fields for hours is required?) Or maybe they are flipping off the couch all the time and you want them to get some training, so they do not break something, give you a heart attack, or both! All 4 can help in all these scenarios!

Gymnastic is one of the best sports to start with as it develops all muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility and posture. Kids can start gymnastics as soon as they are potty trained and ready for an independent class.

Gymnastics skills are at the core of everything we teach at All 4 - motor skills, strength and balance, coordination and flexibility. At All 4 we emphasize the joy of learning new skills and gaining the amazing attributes of a gymnast. These skills can be focused in the gym through our gymnastics team or applied to so many other activities and sports.

Gymnastics has 4 components. Beam, Bars, Floor, and Vault. The beam is just 4 inches wide and that gymnasts walk and perform feats of balance and agility on. The bars are 2 wooden bars that gymnasts swing on. Floor skills revolve around tumbling and at the competitive level have a component of dance. Vault is where gymnasts run and use a springboard to vault into the air in different body positions.

Obviously, performing all these amazing skills does not happen on the first day. The great thing is that getting there is lots of fun and the journey will teach both physical skills such as strength, balance, and coordination as well as life skills such as hard work, taking correction, and pride in accomplishing goals.

All 4 has teams for gymnasts that want to explore gymnastics or get more serious and attend competitions.