So, your child is interested in Tumbling?


So, your child is interested in Tumbling?

November 07, 2020

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Does your tumbler perform cartwheels across the parking lot everywhere they go instead of walking? Or maybe they spend hours on a trampoline flipping over and over? But just what is tumbling? Tumbling is a series of acrobatic skills such as somersaults and handsprings. Tumbling can be an impressive skill on its own but is most often part of gymnastics or cheerleading. Like gymnastics, tumbling teaches flexibility and strength, core strength and coordination.

Tumbling is one of the components of gymnastics. It is also a big part of cheerleading – especially competitive cheer. All 4 trains tumblers for all sports with a special emphasis on correct technique. Strong technique is critical for long term success. Sure, you may be able to perform a skill on the trampoline or chunk it on the floor. However, without proper technique to provide the building blocks for future growth, these early successes that come at the expense of proper technique, will hold a tumbler back when they are trying to achieve higher level skills.