All 4 in Prosper, Texas we offer tumbling for ages 3-18, from Beginner to Elite. Tumbling develops Strength, Coordination, Timing, Agility, and Flexibility. These are all great physical attributes on their own and can apply to just about any other sport as well. Our tumbling classes provide an amazing opportunity to master the basics and move to the highest levels of tumbling. Start with the cartwheel and, with hard work and determination, advance to back flips and twisting skills that are impressive to watch and fun to do!

Time and again our athletes report making better progress at mastering skills at All 4 than they have anywhere else in the past. Our coaches can take a beginning tumbler from a cartwheel all the way through to a double full, all while having fun, getting fit and making friends!

Our coaches strive to make your child feel welcome and encourage them as they progress. We love teaching and guiding our athletes to success - few things are more exciting than for coach or athlete than "gong ringing" a new skill and showing it off to the entire gym. Our coaches will help your child fall in love with tumbling as their skills increase on a weekly basis. If your child is ready to get started on the journey of a lifetime, then this is the program for you!


Beginning Tumbling / Super Status

No tumbling required. Students will work on handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls, backward rolls and bridge kick overs. For Superstatus, students must have bridge kick over. Students are working on back walkover/front walkover. Evaluation recommended to enroll in Beginning Superstatus.

Intermediate Tumbling / Super Status

Intermediate Tumbling students must have back walkover and front walkover. Students are working on back handspring. Intermediate Superstatus Tumbling Students must have back handspring. Students are working on connecting multiple running and standing back handsprings and tucks. Evaluation or Instructor Permission Required.

Advanced Tumbling

Students must have a running round off back handspring tuck. This class works on standing tumbling to tucks and running layouts. Evaluation or Instructor Permission Required.

Elite Tumbling

Students must have concept of layouts and all standing tumbling through to tuck. This class works on whips, layouts, fulls, and doubles. Evaluation or Instructor Permission Required.

Mighty Tumblers - Ages 4-5

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